The contrary of “excellent” is not “bad”, it is “very good”

The contrary of “excellent” is not “bad”: its contrary is “very good”. This is the mantra of my division when I was in charge of the International business of Amper. We were all obsessed...

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Matar a los intermediarios

  Una queridisima ex-alumna de EOI que trabaja en el emundo del entertainment me envió ayer un enlace a esta charla en el TEDxRiodelaplata que se hizo en Argentina el 1 de Noviembre de 2011....

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Marketing for Nonprofits (NPO)

Marketing is an unfamiliar concept for many nonprofit organizations. It’s important these organizations understand that marketing is more than just the old sense of making a sale or...

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Open source learning and free online education

Please visit Richard Baraniuk conference at, about open source learning: he is professor at Rice University and he explains the vision behind Connexions, his open-source, online education...

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Some advice to start-uppers

I want to share with you an email I just sent to a young great friend of mine who is starting up a successful company and now in the process of making its financial projections (Revenues, Ebitda,...

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top tech trends of 2011

Top tech trends of 2011 is an article published in ALLTOP web site (by Guy Kawasaki) which together with MASHABLE represent two musts to follow to stay updated in digital and social media...

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Presentaciones zen

Cualquier persona puede cambiar el mundo con una idea, si sabe comunicarla y ejecutarla. Tener una buena idea y ser incapaces de explicarla en los momentos claves es imperdonable: por esto...

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On buying things for the first time

In the last century, three (3) things have changed the way we consume today: Henry Ford introduction of mass industrial production with all its successive improvements; Mass Marketing...

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A letter to eurozone

Marvin Zonis is much more than a master or a friend: Marvin is a constant source of wisdom and inspiration, from the humility of probably the best expert in geopolitics in the Anglosaxon world. ...

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Innovation in higher education

The attached article is of great interest for understanding our future student pains and keep an eye on the importance of “on-line-blended education” to keep innovation high and costs...

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8 reasons why SMEs and entrepreneurs need to innovate

In our enterprises we foster and reward failures when trying to make something different, taking risks and we discourage mediocre successes. Life and companies success are based on a positive...

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Feliz Navidad 2011


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