Thank you, thank you, thank you, ..

“Thank you” is the natural words expressing my feeling towards all people and brands making our Tedx Plaza Cibeles possible and so emotional.

Thanks to the team (Rafa, Ronald, Maria, Fran, Luís, José Manuel), our speakers (Alberto, Coral, Miguel, Richard, Dale, Mario, Cristobal, Ana Maria, Antonella, Manuel, Michael), the artists of Dibujos a Domicilio (authors of this sketch), Atenay, Bvocal, Crazy Cabin.

Thanks to EOI and its marketing team: Carlos, Fernando, Margarita, José, Leticia, Luís, … They supported the project since the very beginning when I introduced them the Tedx team looking for a home for this event. Thanks to Alfonso, EOI Director, for his committed support to innovation.

Thanks to SAGE and in particular to Santiago Solanas, his visionaire CEO who backed and felt the project at once.

Thanks to Casa America and Inma Turbau, his energetic director.

Thanks to all other sponsors, the engaged participants in the auditorium, all friends following us by the streaming channel EOI.LIVE.

It was a new and touching experience I never felt before: being a follower since ever, on June 25th 2011 I fully understood what it really means and why it has become a way of living for so many people.

I felt engagement, a sense of belonging to a marvelous tribe, where ideas are the most important, the only thing and its spreading, sharing, execution.

I touched the generosity of persons who are really important, with an impossible agenda who found the time to jump to Madrid and inspire us, changing the world, for good.

All of them are friendly, close persons, passionate to learn and share having taught to others for tens of years, in and from the most prestigious institutions in the world, future Nobel Awards some of them, showing their social networking part, illuminating us with their modesty, the humbleness of masters.

I was the privileged host of this Tedx and I hope to repeat this experience in the future.

Happiness leads to success, not the other way around: now I know I will be extremely successful.