I was part of «Inspiration day», an extraordinary event organized by Womenalia on June 21st at Circo Price in Madrid and it was a great way to celebrate the summer solstice.

Great speakers, great stories, great women and one learning: our world does not function properly and we need desperately women leadership in Governments and Corporations: only 11 women are Chief of State in 205 countries; only 4 women lead a company in the Fortune 500 list.

In Spain we have 1 million women self employed but only 24% generates net employment: 80% work in the service area and under 45; half of them started up a company to give a sense to her university title; a third have a double job, as an entrepreneur and as an employee to pay the bills.

In the US women have created companies at a higher rate then men in the last 20 years: in 2010 they represented only 16% of the jobs generated but in 2018 they will jump to 50%.

Womenalia is a young Spanish based company trying very hard to support women entrepreneurship and we have to help these kinds of initiatives in any possible way: a «bravo» to Maria Gomez del Pozuelo and her brave team.

It is impossible to highlight one intervention for they were all inspirational and mind shocking: we spread a message of hope and «can do» attitude.

Please let me share 3 videos I like very much and I use in my classes, with three great messages Emilio Duró showed in his speech.

1. Love what you do and spread happiness around: Life will pay you back with a lot of happiness. Be a linchpin. Walk the extra mile.


This is a street cleaner that every day sings to kids in a college in Madrid, making them a bit happier.

2. Be sure you spend your life doing what it is important for you, for it could be very short. Be the «greatest dad» possible.



Please: Listen carefully to Rick message.

3. Live your life and keep dreaming.



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If you cry: cry; if you are in the office, please do not worry: showing your emotions is very good.

Please enjoy!